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It saves time they would otherwise spend waiting for a round trip to the server.

In business terms, even a few fractions of seconds multiplied hundreds of times each day adds up to be a lot of time, expense, and frustration.

The Bind Required attribute (also see Customize model binding behavior with attributes) is useful to ensure form data is complete.

When applied to a property, the model binding system requires a value for that property.

Other types of validation include applying patterns to data to enforce business rules, such as a credit card, phone number, or email address.

Most of the properties are required and several string properties have length requirements.

However, some validation rules are specific to your business.

Your rules might not be common data validation techniques such as ensuring a field is required or that it conforms to a range of values.

Straightforward and immediate validation enables users to work more efficiently and produce better quality input and output.

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You must have a view with the proper Java Script script references in place for client side validation to work as you see here.

By Rachel Appel Before an app stores data in a database, the app must validate the data.