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Richard Armitage was one of the first people who was seen for the role. My roots are in that part of the country and that kind of industry. "Something great happened when I read with Daniela.

Something clicked.” The producer, Kate Bartlett, said, “We did read with a lot of actors and put a lot of combinations of Margarets and Thorntons together until finally we came up with the mix of Richard and Daniela, which I think was perfect.” “When I was cast in the role of Thornton my initial reaction was shock.

- Inspired by Dirty Dancing, with a twist :) This is Act two in: The Stranger Series.

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I've deliberately written it so you don't HAVE to read that story to make sense of what the hell is happening.

Richard is a teacher, married and has two lovely children. There is that lovely Mechanic from down the street he just can´t get his eyes off.

Given the power and conviction with which he played the role, it seems, in hindsight, as if Richard Armitage was the obvious choice to play John Thornton. And I knew the John Thornton type.” But it was six weeks before he was called back to read for the part again.

But in fact, the casting process for Thornton was a long one. I felt that I owed it to the role to know as much about it before I attempted to try and convince someone to cast me as Thornton.” “Within the first pages, I thought, ‘I’m right for this person and for this role’. By this time, Daniela Denby-Ashe had been cast as Margaret Hale, and he was asked to read with her.And, as it turns out, that actor is going to be Marvel alum Richard Armitage. According to Related: Scott Eastwood wants to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine The series, which will take place over 10 episodes, will debut exclusively on podcast network Stitcher Premium next year, before branching out across platforms later on in 2018.

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